The Demon Wars – “Ray Why Do The Demonic Still Harass Me?”


I have gotten several emails from folks explaining to me their predicament. Stinking demons harassing them, causing sleep paralysis, horrible smells, bad / horrific / sexual dreams and the list goes on.

Now, all of the people that I have had contact with are good solid Christians. They love the Lord and are born again.

But still, they have demonic activity in their lives and don’t know why.

Here is one woman’s story…

“Wednesday night all three of us were attacked.  For me it started with feeling like bugs were crawling on me, and spider webs being dragged across my face, arms, neck.  Then something animalistic scratched several times from inside the sofa. Then I heard an evil animal growl, and saw this evil, putrid, rotten demon.  I had to rebuke it in the name of Jesus, I said I was covered by the precious blood of Jesus, and it left.

The same night my eldest daughter was woken from her sleep with this loud buzzing coming from inside her ear, then a wicked spirit pushed her down in her bed, drained her of her energy, and she could barely breathe, and talk.  She was moving her arm, and that demon grabbed her arm, and pushed it into the bed.  It finally fled, she had the worst attack.

My mom said she felt one of her dogs scratching her, and put it’s nose on her.  She looked and nothing was there. She went and looked for them, and all the dogs were asleep.  Then one of her dogs became violently ill as soon as she finished praying, her toast burnt, and the temp on the toaster was all the way down.

That same demon came back to me on Thursday night, but not as powerful as before, or so I thought.  I woke up Friday morning, and my body felt terrible, and I was very run down. Last night was fine.”

Luckily, this woman knows how to battle the demons, her problem is why do they keep coming back to torment her?

After a number of emails and such what we determined is that she was probably being cursed by a family member who is a practicing witch and has other issues associated with her sexually. The family member knows that she has a demon attached to her and welcomes it. The family member does not like that she and the rest of the family are Christians and has worked at dividing the family. (Click to Site)

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