After denying the existence of GEOENGINEERING, the scientific status quo now claims it can save the world


(Natural News) Anyone who speaks out about chem-trails is immediately dismissed as a paranoid conspiracy theorist. No one is allowed to question what they see in the sky, even when multiple white gridlines are expanding and falling. Why would the government spray chemicals across the sky and poison the people in the process? Even if some organization was spraying us with aluminum nanoparticles, are we supposed to trust that it is all for the greater good and there will be no unintended consequences?

After denying the existence of geoengineering for years, the scientific status quo now claims strategic atmospheric aerosol injections can save the world from – you guessed it – climate change.

Geoengineering isn’t talked about much in classrooms or in the mainstream media, even though weather and temperature manipulation is a very real field of study. Geoengineering refers to any artificial manipulation of Earth’s energy, weather, or climate to achieve a desired result. Wide scale geoengineering projects are so invasive, they need convincing for public support and lots of funding. That’s why the term climate change was invented, to scare the public and convince them the planet needs to be saved with their tax dollars. With public support, climatologists can then control and manipulate the weather.

Climate change is talked about rather frequently in classrooms and in the mainstream media. If the majority of people are made to believe that the Earth is in peril and in need of human manipulation, then the solution will be easy to sell. The solution to so-called climate change is wide scale geoengineering experiments, which are currently being carried out covertly. (Click to Site)

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