Amazing Discovery! Blood Moons Were Pointing To 9/23 All Along


Remember all the commotion in 2014 and 2015 over the Blood Moon Tetrad?  Many popular preachers and ministries promoted them as the final signs of the age (Biltz, Hagee, Cahn, Stone, etc), but what we are beginning to see in retrospect is that they were just precursors pointing to 9/23 and the Great Sign of Revelation 12.

The Revelation 12 Sign occurs in two constellations (Virgo and Leo), but those constellations only comprise one-sixth of the ecliptic.  There are ten other constellations along the ecliptic and the sun resides in each constellation for about one month each year.  With that said, look where the first and third of the four Blood Moons occurred:

Out of twelve different constellations, the very first of the four Blood Moons just happened to be in Virgo.  The moon was in conjunction with Spica, “The Branch” (Jeremiah 23:5, 33:15, Isaiah 4:2, 11:1). (Click to Site)

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