With Russia Sanctions Bill, Congress has Just Begun World War 3 – The Missiles will fly within months


America, prepare to be annihilated in blinding white flashes; the missiles will begin to fly within months. We will NOT make it to the 2018 elections.   The reason: Congress just imposed more severe sanctions on Russia, than they did against Japan in the 1930’s. History records that when sanctions strangled Japan, the Japanese attacked us.   Well, within months, like Japan, Russia will begin to economically strangle. Only this time, Congress isn’t doing this to some backwards, Third-world, cesspool, they’re doing it to the second most-powerful nation on earth.

As Russia’s entire economy strangles, Russia will have only two choices: Give-in to all our demands, or uphold their own self-respect and fight it out.  Russia will realize it is better to die on their feet, than to live on their knees and when that day comes – a whole slew of us in America and Europe will die in sudden, blinding, white flashes of nuclear Armageddon.

Congress aren’t fools – they’re EVIL.

You see, Congress knows they’ve spent us into Bankruptcy and – as a mathematical certainty –  there’s no way to service or get out of the debt they’ve gotten us into.  So what they need is “Debt Forgiveness.”  But the ONLY way that a sovereign country the size of ours can get debt forgiveness is through WAR.  When everything here in our country is literally smashed to hell’ when millions are dead, only THEN will the bankers and investors realize they have no hope of ever collecting the money that’s owed, and only then will they “forgive” the debt.  That’s Congress’ plan . . . and the Russia Sanctions Bill is how they achieve it: By getting millions of us killed.

We have a right to defend ourselves from Congress’ criminal conspiracy to kill us.  It’s time to begin exercising that defense because the clock is now ticking and OUR time is now running out. Congress has sealed OUR fate’ it’s time we prepare to seal theirs!

Congress thinks they will be able to ride out the war with their loved ones in the safety of hardened bunkers.  We need to decide whether or not we will ALLOW them to reach that safety . . . or if we intercept them so they share the same fate they’ve arranged for all of us . . . (Click to Site)

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