Are Middle Schools Breaking the Law?


By Dr Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM

Across the country, letters are being sent to remind parents that students “must” be vaccinated prior to returning to school. There are 47 states who retain the right to refuse mandatory vaccination based on religious grounds and 18 states the still retain a right to refuse based on personal belief or philosophical reasons. Ohio is one of those fortunate 18 states. Nonetheless, parents are receiving fraudulent letters like this one from school systems, stating the vaccines are MANDATORY and REQUIRED for school. In the state of Ohio, and 17 others they are not. And this is nothing new: vaccines for school attendance have never been required in Ohio.

If your school nurse, your school administrator, your pediatrician, or your neighbor tells you otherwise, they are underinformed and you are being lied to.

While all vaccines are heavily advocated, Ohio schools are now pushing the meningitis vaccine as a middle school requirement. Several meningitis vaccines against Neisseria meningitidis have been available for many years: Menomune (1981), Menactra (2005), Menveo (2010) and MenHibrix (2012). Of note, Menomune still contains thimerosal (mercury) and the newly approved Trumenba (2014) and Bexsero (2015), given solely to defend against the N. meningitis serotype B, has 1500 mcg of aluminum, among the highest dosage given in a single vaccine. If the vaccines have been around for so long, why have Ohio schools mounted this untruthful campaign and why have they come on so strongly now? Most likely because SB 121 was passed in 2015, adding the meningitis vaccine to the list of recommendations for 7th graders. (Click to Site)

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