Insidious leaders: How the last five U.S. Presidents royally screwed up American food and medicine

(Natural News) Welcome to the United States of GMOs and toxic symptom-cover-up medicine. Over the past few decades, leaders in Washington D.C. have kept American consumers in the dark about the truth regarding toxins in our food and medicine, all while denying us some of our most fundamental rights. However, thanks to leading journalists and seekers of truth, much of this corruption has been exposed. Jane Goodall, Ph.D. DBE and UN Messenger of Peace, wrote an amazing foreword for a revealing, chilling, and meticulously researched book published in 2015 about the auspicious and ominous beginning of genetically modified food in America.

The book called Altered Genes, Twisted Truth starts with Jane Goodall explaining to the world how horrified she felt when she learned that scientists had “succeeded in reconfiguring the genetics of plants and animals.” She learned of the atrocity in the 1990s (even though it all started in the 1980s) and she termed it all as “a shocking corruption of the life forms of the planet,” and she referred to these altered organisms as “Frankenfoods.” Jane Goodall explains that there were good science-based reasons to mistrust GE (genetically engineered) crops.

Most importantly, Goodall points out the formidable task the bioengineers faced as they engaged downright corruption of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a regulatory agency that was supposed to ensure that new additives to foods are proven scientifically safe before coming to market. For GMOs, no such evidence existed, and the same could be said for most chemical medicine approved by the FDA and CDC. So, for starters, what U.S. President opened the doors for this Frankenfood horror story that has besieged more than 90 percent of all U.S. staple crops? (Click to Site)

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