Elizabeth Warren pushing for government-run health care system to “solve” the problem of government-run health care systems

Another person pushing the failed Socialized Medicine mess on us!


(Natural News) After the disaster Democrats created in passing Obamacare, the last thing tens of millions of Americans want to hear is more health care reform advice from another Marxist Democrat. And yet, Sen. Elizabeth Warren seems to think otherwise.

As Republicans go soft on repealing and replacing Obamacare, Warren has dredged up the same tired, worn-out “solution” that Democrats have been advocating for since the days when Hillary Clinton was first lady: Complete government control over healthcare delivery and reimbursement.

In other words, implementation of the very same full-on socialist healthcare system that is failing in Great Britain, Canada, Venezuela and everywhere else it has been tried.

“President Obama tried to move us forward with health-care coverage by using a conservative model that came from one of the conservative think tanks that had been advanced by a Republican governor in Massachusetts,” she told The Wall Street Journal. ”Now it’s time for the next step. And the next step is single payer.”

First of all, that is a complete lie. She is referring to a healthcare delivery model adopted by the state of Massachusetts, when two-time GOP loser Mitt Romney was governor there. Problems with the lie include: (Click to Site)

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