What to Expect from the Government After the SHTF


In the face of any real disaster, the government is going to take steps to manage it. Some of these steps will be policy driven and others will happen out of necessity. Let’s look a little closer at what to expect from the government in time of disaster.

What We Know

The best place to start is with what we know. We have watched several ruthless disasters hit our nation in the last 20 years. Whether we are talking about a heart-stopping terrorist attack like 9/11, a devastating hurricane and flood like that of Katrina, or the terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon, we have seen our government take action.

In two of those instances, forms of martial law were put in place almost instantly. No one in the media had the will to call it martial law, but that’s exactly what it was. This is a response that was not written into FEMA’s texts. That said, we have to take things written into government processes with a grain of salt. Some of them are drilled and some aren’t. A collapse is like fist-fighting. As Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

What We Must Assume

We must assume that the Department of Homeland Security will do everything in its power to hold true to its goal. What is its goal? Glad you asked. According to FEMA.gov

A secure and resilient nation with the capabilities required across the whole community to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk.”

Take note that nowhere in this goal is there anything about the rights or freedoms of the people. We will look at the government’s actual policies and procedures later in the article, but I want to make a point first. Back to the true crisis response of the government. In the case of the events we discussed earlier, there was a total abandonment of American rights and freedoms.

The role of the government is to maintain order. Now, to their credit, they will look to the public and community leaders to make that happen. However, if things get out of line, you will get a boot across your throat until you submit to their version of order. (Click to Site)

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