Trump uses G20 Conference to Shine Light on DNC Illegal Activities


In a tweet, President Trump noted that  John Podesta refused to give the hacked DNC server to the FBI and the CIA”.  I find it incredibly suspicious that while at the G20 Conference,  President Trump tweeted  this and by his report “everyone at the G20 summit was talking about this”.

It is not Trump’s observation that is noteworthy, it is the the report on the reaction of the G20 participants. By talking about Podesta, the emails and keeping the hacked emails out of the purview of the FBI, it is clear that the DNC and John Podesta have something to hide and the G20 nations are aware of this fact!

Jeh Johnson, former DHS Director, confirmed that the DNC wanted no investigatory help with the hacked emails that the DNC originally blamed on Russia hackers. As previously reported on The Common Sense Show, it turns out that it was Seth Rich that hacked the emails and sent them to Wikileaks prompting Podesta to issue a Podesta-inspired Jihad against Rich by saying “let’s make the leaker pay”. A short time later, Seth Rich was murdered.

The American Media Is Silent on the G20 Reaction to DNC’s Curious Avoidance of the FBI

 The Europeans are talking about Podesta’s curious actions in the above-mentioned matter. Trump is also tweeting this stunning revelations, but all six owner of the American media are ignoring it. I received this cryptic message for a Fox News reporter that has been sporadically communicating with me:
“No US media reaction to Trump’s Tweet about DNC’s avoiding help into hacked Emails.”


Why would the DNC and most notably, John Podesta, ignore all the federal help they could have received in this matter? Help that would have presumably opened the door to proving the Russian hack of their emails as originally alleged? The answer is obvious. The DNC was not interested in further implicating themselves with regard to the content of the emails.What could have been in these emails?

If I were a detective trying to answer the questions posed in the previous paragraph, I would focus on two issues:

  1. There is no question that the DNC had a vested interest in covering up Clinton’s personal collusion with the Russians. In particular, as the New York Time referenced, Hillary sold uranium to the Russians. IF one is looking for American collusion with the Russians this would be it. I investigated further and found that Hillary had the Russian blood money put into the Clinton Foundation where the funds were co mingled with campaign funds, which is a felony, not to mention the original act constituted treason. I also exposed that James Comey was on the board of directors of HSBC Bank which helped to facilitate the transfer of funds that kept Hillary one degree removed from direct contact with the original money. This has been previously covered in detail on The Common Sense Show. All of the facts have been verified
  2. The second point that I believe that Podesta and then DNC Chair, Debra Wasserman-Schultz wanted to cover up were any direct mentions of child-sex-trafficking. For multiple reasons, the DNC, the Clintons and Podesta need to create distance between themselves and the topic of child-sex-trafficking. The last thing the DNC needed was to involve a law enforcement agency into this highly volatile set of topics.

There were other events which took place during the DNC which I believe are related to this story and further enhance the narrative that the DNC has a lot of covering up to do. What did Shakespeare have to say about men who protest to loudly? Look at Podesta’s response to Trump’s twitter: (Click to Site)

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