Back when most American adults were still children, they thought that they would have flying cars and the ability to vacation on other planets by now. It’s 2017 and instead, we humans are arguing about whether the earth is flat and scientists are warning us about the sex robot industry.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Democracy is destroying capitalism through votescollege students can’t pass basic algebra, and most worship the government with a religious fervor. But don’t worry about the nation’s declining IQ or the slow a deadly inch toward socialism and poverty for all, because there are sex robots. Or there were until the scientists decided they should issue a dark warning about them.

Scientists from the Foundation For Responsible Robotics have released a report asking society to consider a possible future where humans have sex with robots and have outlined some things that society needs to do to prepare for that future. As if sex with robots is somehow worse than rape or pedophilia, but I digress…

The report, led by Professor Noel Sharkey, said that “society needs to consider the impact of the different types of sex robots, and called specifically for a ban on sex robots that are designed to look like children.” Well, would you look at that.  They are already calling for a ban on an inanimate object because of “appearance.” Gun control activists who loathe the AR-15 are frantically clapping their hands with glee.

“We do need policymakers to look at it and the general public to decide what is acceptable and permissible,” he said of the report. “We need to think as a society what we want to do about it.” Except, isn’t pedophilia acceptable to leftists nowadays? It’s a “disorder”, not a “crime” according to hardcore Democrats, so why ban a robot (which is not a person)? Although those on the right seek to give flags rights (making the destruction of your own private property illegal), so we are really dealing with a very mentally defunct society.

The robot report says that finding out how many sex robots are currently in circulation is difficult, as the companies who make them do not release the numbers. What, there’s no registry for sex robots? Maybe now the users of the robots understand minutely what a gun owner feels when he or she dares to turn on the news. (Click to Site)

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