Christian 3-Year-Old Baby Girl RAPED by Muslim Neighbor

Christians living under Muslim rule have no recourse. It’s monstrous, inhumane — and savage mirrored by the silence of the West.

According to Muslim law, the man did nothing wrong.

Sex slavery is sanctioned under Islam. At the risk of repeating myself for the umpteenth time, sex slavery and rape of the infidel is sanctioned and rewarded under Islam. Muslim clerics all over the world confirm the rightto have sex slaves. It is in the Qur’an — the word of Allah. Politicians keep turning a blind eye, law enforcement keep ignoring it, so this pox on our communities will continue to get worse.



By Wilson Chowdhury, British Pakistani Children, July 7, 2017:

In January BPCA reported on the devastating rape of Saiba a three year old child whilst her mother was out of the home working as a sanitary worker at Government hospital to cover the regular living expenses for their household.

Now 7 months later Saiba’s mother Catherine is still fighting for justice for her daughter and a conviction for the rapist whose brutal attack now means Saiba can never bear children.

We spoke with her lawyer Khurram Shezad today who advised us on her case. He said:

“Saiba’s case is being heard within the session court at Bhawalnagar however we have had several delays as the solicitor who should have been appearing for Mr Muhammed Abbas, failed to turn up at any hearing.

Mehwish Bhatti regularly meets the family.
Mr Shezad informed us that at the last hearing which was on 3rd July the presiding judge has directed that a legal aid lawyer will now represent Mr Abbas and the next hearing is to be heard on 13th July. Catherine Bibi is now at breaking point the court process has been draining and she desperately wants the court to bring justice to this situation through a conviction. She explained to BPCA officer Mehwish Bhatti that she just wants closure now. Catherine has called for prayers from the Christian community across the globe for justice and healing for her daughter. She said:

“My daughter is innocent of any crime at such a young and vulnerable age she has been subjected to a most brutal and evil attack, from a man with no morals. If this evil rapist is jailed it will not remove the vile treatment my daughter suffered.

“I call on prayers from anyone moved by my daughter’s plight. Please pray that she is completely healed and can one day have children which is a natural process designed by God and a real blessing for women.” (Click to Article)

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