Bilderbergers Global Domination Begins with the LHC at CERN


This year’s Bilderberg meeting has ended, and the attendees are returning from where it is they came to put their plans in motion. One of those attendees is Fabiola Gianotti, the Director General of CERN. We have covered many strange occurrences that have taken place at the CERN facility, but by far one of the most telling was the mock human sacrifice that took place in front of the Shiva statue on the property.

Given the extent that particle physics impacts our world, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the lead scientist of CERN would be in attendance of the globalist meeting. In reference to the growth of particle accelerators throughout the world, she once said,

“It’s a great thing because particle physics is becoming more and more global,” “The outstanding questions in particle physics are so important, but also so complex, that just one instrument is not enough to address them all.”

She describes the beast machine of the LHC in an interview, saying:

“The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the most powerful accelerator ever built by man. It allows us to launch proton beams in opposite directions within a 27 kilometre-ring where they collide in four points, where four large detectors are installed.

With such powerful collisions, scientists can harness an energy larger then ever before.

“Thanks to these collisions, we are able to study the fundamental elements of matter and of the universe, and to better understand the fundamentals in nature and the structure and the evolution of the universe.” Gianotti continued. (Click to Site)

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