Big Pharma’s Plot to Medicate 50 Million Government School Children with Dangerous Drugs


The pharmaceuticals, the government and many school districts are resurfacing an old plan which threatens the lives of America’s 50 million government school students.

Once upon a time, there was an evil program called TEENSCREEN. This program was integrated into 45 states under former President Bush and was continued and expanded under former President Obama.

TEENSCREEN promised to assess the mental health of American’s 50 million school aged children and then would perform a service which would improve the mental health of America’s children.

During the course of the now defunct program, children as they grew into adulthood, could not obtain medical insurance. Many children’s brains were damaged by the use of powerful psychotropic drugs which alters the chemistry and structure of the brain, thus permanently damaging the brains of children. The children were falsely diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses with testing instruments which were designed to produce false positive results about 80% of the time.

I was part of a group of Independent Media journalists which tirelessly and relentlessly worked to stop this exploitation of our children. We were eventually successful and the evil program fell apart because it could not stand up to public scrutiny.

True to form for the globalists who seek to profit from any situation, they never give up on their goals and the program once called TEENSCREEN is back and it will prove to be more virulent than TEENSCREEN ever was. (Click to Site)

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