Trump’s rousing Warsaw speech calls for return to Christian roots


July 6, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Leaders from around the world are meeting in Hamburg this week to discuss imminent threats to Western Civilization and to plot a course forward together. Considering the terrorist attacks across Europe — from suicide bombers blowing nails into little girls at a pop concert in Manchester to thugs smashing vehicles into couples strolling across London Bridge — one would think that now is the time to discuss whether the West has the will to withstand the lone wolves which have begun to form prowling packs and the loud creaking of the Liberal International Order. Or perhaps the fact that the demographics of nearly every European country have cratered, with birth rates far below replacement level, or the reality that populist outbursts that may yet become surges are the result of citizens robbed of their culture and traditions by globalization.

But no. The meeting will instead be primarily devoted to more virtue-signaling toward the threat of climate change, while very little discussion will actually take place concerning whether or not the West as we know it will be around long enough to see the perpetually-predicted apocalypses our sage environmentalist soothsayers swear will soon be upon us. The largely childless leaders of the West are looking for the Great Cause of our age, and are determined to be seen loudly promising us that they will save us all — unless, of course, other threats consume us first. Winston Churchill must be rolling in his grave.

It is now a media trope that wherever Donald Trump goes, he manages to embarrass us all. Considering his irritating proclivity for adolescent Twitter battles with figures in the media, this is an easy line to buy at times. But upon stumbling — completely by accident — on Donald Trump’s recent address in speech in Warsaw, I realized that there was quite possibly something else at play as well: Perhaps Trump is embarrassing the media elites.

Trump’s speech in Warsaw is perhaps one of the clearest calls for the defense of Western Civilization and its fundamental roots in Christianity and the culture and traditions it created delivered by any Western politician in several decades. He points out the enemy, warns that the West is under threat, points to our Christian heritage as both a defense and worth defending, and highlights the long struggle against the Evil Empire as evidence that where the will exists, good can triumph over evil. The speech was, quite simply, so eloquent I found it difficult to excerpt it for the sake of this column — and those who read my analyses of Trump’s campaign speeches, one of which I attended, will know that I found him generally callow, shallow, and crude.

This speech is none of those things. Read it through, or watch the entire thing if you wish. I’ve highlighted particularly significant passages, words I never thought I’d hear a Western leader utter. They are words that perhaps our globalist elites find embarrassing, but resulted in wave after wave of applause, and chants of Donald Trump! Donald Trump! from the thronging crowds. They are words that should resonate, and highlight with surgical precision the crisis facing the post-modern West: (Click to Article)

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