NASA Presentation from 2001 Predicts the Antichrist System, Technological Revolution, and the Artificial Takeover


For quite some time the shadow government has prepared a technological revolution that will forever change both humanity and the world. That revolution is happening right now, and it’s called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through technology, NASA and several other organizations have planned, prepared, and predicted certain events that might take place by the year 2025.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the shift from mankind using tools, to mankind upgrading and becoming the bio-tech tool. For decades, several governmental organizations have known that a change was coming. The shadow government, the technocratic elite, have fomented the rise of self and the demise of culture to flourish the need for technology and dependence on the artificial.

In 2001, then lead scientist of NASA, Dennis M. Bushnell, published what many claim to be a document that foretold how the government will wage war against the citizen. The paper was originally not public, but through the work of several independent researchers, the presentation was made available.

The report, Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025], can be seen below in its entirety. (Click to Article)

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