Secretary of State Tillerson “Some of the Most Devastating Examples of Sex Trafficking are Brought on by Authority Figures”


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said this week that some of the most devastating examples of sex trafficking are brought on by authority figures that should be working to protect members of society especially the most vulnerable such as children.

Unfortunately, when most people think about the business of kids being sold as sex slaves they assume it only happens in distant Third World countries. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is it happening in our own backyard — it’s rampant. To understand how a sex trafficking ring could possibly exist and flourish in this country, one should look no further than Netflix’s new documentary, TheKeepers, which exposes a Maryland-based sex trafficking ring from decades ago and it’s ties to an unsolved murder case.

Tillerson and Ivanka Trump both addressed sex trafficking issues at a press conference on June 27 to unveil the State Department’s annual human trafficking report. Tillerson emphasized that law enforcement partners need to know how to identify and respond to those who dishonorably wear the law enforcement uniform or the military uniform by allowing trafficking to thrive. “The most devastating examples are police officers and those who we rely upon to protect us that they become complicit through bribery, by actually working in brothels themselves or obstructing investigations for their own profit,” Tillerson said. “Complicity and corruption that allows human trafficking from law enforcement officials must end.” (Click to Article)

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