Every person labeled a “conspiracy theorist” for declaring CNN to be fake news was just completely vindicated


(Natural News) Well, the verdict is in, and it doesn’t bode well for mainstream media outlets like CNN that basically invented the false narrative and ran with it. It’s the claim that President Trump and his administration have direct ties to Russia, a completely made-up lie that’s officially been exposed as such, leading to three (and possibly more on the way) CNN employees “resigning” in a last-ditch effort to salvage any remaining credibility that the Atlanta-based fake news network believes it still has.

The lynchpin was an article posted to CNN.com that claimed Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci, a hedge fund manager and confidant to the president, was linked to investments in Russia. He wasn’t, of course, and once CNN realized that it didn’t have any leg to stand on as far as the story was concerned, it pulled the story from its site. But not before the world took notice and set the house of cards into a free fall.

CNN quickly tried to apologize for the story, and three top journalists quickly bailed as a way to try to smooth things over. But this didn’t really work, and President Trump quickly announced the retraction of this “big story on ‘Russia,’” asking what will become of “all the other phony stories they do.” Mr. Trump followed this up by once again declaring CNN to be “FAKE NEWS!”

“It’s over for CNN,” writes Dawn Luger for The Daily Sheeple. “The media giant has been busted using propaganda and false narratives to promote an ‘anti-Trump’ agenda … For once, ‘conspiracy theorists’ don’t sound like looney birds.” (Click to Article)

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