Video Shows Angelina Jolie Describing Hollywood Illuminati Rituals

Video from 1999 describes satanic rituals


A new youtube video has surfaced allegedly showing a young Angelina Jolie exposing “secret Illuminati rituals” she has experienced to her close friends.

The video, which was filmed back in 1999, was part of secretly filmed footage in which caught Jolie seems to be talking about the Illuminati initiation she took part in as she tried to establish herself in Hollywood.

YNW reports: Angelina describes in detail the gruesome ritual celebrities must go through to join the Order of the Illuminati. During the Illuminati ritual, you are tied up, raped, and tortured by other members. She compares the secret society rituals to S&M, but claims there are differences.

At times Angelina looks crazed and possessed while describing to her friends the experiences she had with the Illuminati Masonic secret society. She explains that she killed a snake as a sacrifice and was tattooed as part of the initiation ritual. It is well known that many Illuminati members get tattoos as part of the ceremony, as a way of sacrificing more blood to Satan. (Click to Article)

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