State Department Employee Validates Deep State Purge by Trump


This is the second generation version of this report. The first copy simply disappeared from the website. This is typical of the issues that I have had in connecting with Monika Wesolowski to conduct an interview on the Trump attack upon the Deep State at both the FBI and the State Department.

I begin this story with the events connected to the Coney testimony.

What Did We Learn From Comey’s Testimony?

Yesterday’s Comey testimony was very telling in that Comey implicated himself in multiple felonies. Here is a summary of what learned from Comey’s pathetically weak testimony.

  1. Comey, in fact, admitted that he is the primary leaker of privileged and classified information to the press. He admitted that he used a law professor to deliver the information about Trump that came from, as the New York Times labeled it, an anonymous source. We know the source to be Comey and Trump’s lawyers filed  a complaint against Comey in multiple venues.
  2. We learned that Comey suspected the President of obstruction of Justice and he did not report this alleged crime to the Department of Justice (DOJ) in a timely manner. This is a felony.
  3. We also learned that Comey facilitated obstruction of justice emanating from the infamous tarmac incident in which then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, then met with Bill Clinton regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails.
  4. We also learned that Trump was never the target of an FBI investigation that had been falsely reported in the media. The information for the report could have only come from one source, now that we have the facts and that source was Comey, himself. (Click to Article)

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