152 ‘Mass Death Events’ In First 108 Days Of 2017 – Does ‘Deagel Intentional Population Destruction’ Map Show The Results Of Fukushima Radiation Decimating The Northern Hemisphere?


In this April 3rd story by Amy Goodrich over at Natural News she reported that there is a massive, ongoing academic cover-up concealing the near-total collapse of our ocean food chains, specifically in the Pacific Ocean, and mass deaths to humans will surely follow. Warning within her story that “each day more signs are emerging that our ocean and world is slowly dying” and “we’re living in perilous, unstable times that may affect every living thing on our planet”, we’re not the least bit surprised that the mainstream media and governments “don’t see any harm in remaining surprisingly silent”.

Almost as if ‘intentional population destruction’ was ‘the plan’, we take a look within this story at some of the most recent signs and stories from around the world that show we better be prepared for the danger ahead by looking at the danger that’s already here.

We also take another look at the map seen below created by ANP reader ‘Proud’ and this ANP story from April 14th in which we asked “Does This Map Show The Planned Destruction Of 90% Of The World’s Population?” from the viewpoint of Fukushima’s radiation blanketing much of the Northern hemisphere. Finally we’ll take a look below videos at the most recent SQAlert in which he shares with us why the wise will continue to prepare for the end of life as we know it, as if there might not be a ‘tomorrow’ to do so, and as if we were now living in the ‘Days of Noah’.

The February 1st, 2017 story from ENENews reported Fukushima-derived radioiodine and radiocaesium has been identified across the entire Northern hemisphere. Dr. Shuzo Takemoto, professor of the Department of Geophysics, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University warned back in 2016 our planet now faces a ‘global catastrophe’ while warning our planet Earth is still susceptible to an even more dreadful scenario should Fukushima #2 be completely destroyed.

On April 14th, ANP published the map above showing the percentages of expected population change by 2024 according to Deagel.com, a website which uses the ‘deep state’ as its sources. For those new to Deagel, please take a look here, here, here and here for several more details. As Deagel and the map shows, the biggest areas of expected population loss in the future are largely in the Northern hemisphere and largely ‘western’ nations.

As we’ve been reporting on ANP for the last few years and as has been extensively documented by the website End Times Prophecy, ‘mass animal death events’ have been happening across the Pacific Ocean region, the West coast of the US and the northern hemisphere unlike anything any of us have ever seen before in our lifetimes.

Do we think that we are somehow ‘immune’? It’s long been warned, “whatever we do to our planet, we do to ourselves”. In the first video below our videographer reports the reasons why many believe that Fukushima will be an ‘extinction level event’ for large regions as our food supply is poisoned and our sources for sustenance are rapidly taken away. From this March 13th story on ANP detailing the mass animal deaths since Fukushima.

As nuclear expert Dr. Helen Caldicott recently stated of Fukushima, “highly radioactive water is still pouring into the ocean every day and will likelycontinue doing so until the end of time”. Calling the hopes of cleaning up the mess that’s been made ‘a fantasy’, the stories and videos we examine in this ANP story prove to us we’re sleepwalking towards extinction. The ‘mass animal deaths’ painstakingly kept track of by End Times Prophecy continue with at least ‘117 known mass animal death events’ in 43 countries in 2017 alone. 

According to End Times Prophecy, the year 2016 brought 556 KNOWN ‘mass death events’ spread over 81 countries. In 2015 there were 828 known ‘mass death events’ spread over 96 countries. In 2014 there were 651 known ‘mass death events’ spread over 76 countries. In 2013 there were 798 known mass death events in 93 countries. In 2012 there were 465 ‘mass death events’ documented across 67 countries while in 2011, the year of the disaster, hundreds of mass death events also happened across the planet.  (Click to Article)

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