Looking Back To Look Forward – Torah Commentary – Pesach “Passover” – Day 17, Month 1, 5777; 13 April 2017

Torah Commentary
Pesach “Passover”
Exodus 33:12 – 34:26
Numbers 28:16-31
Ezekiel 36:37 – 37:14
John 17-21


Looking Back To Look Forward
Another Passover is behind us and is now a memory. Our observances may have been practiced in different style and manner. My prayer is our hearts were as one, focused on Messiah. It is quite obvious by the fact that I was able to share this commentary and you are reading it, that when you opened the door, during your seder, there was not a man with a long gray beard beckoning you to follow him into the Wilderness of the Peoples this year! We begin another Biblical year. May our hearts be completely prepared to embark on this New Year set on Messiah. Let us look back for a moment just to make sure we are ready!
We will reflect on the first week of our ancestor’s journey out of Egypt. Daily life activities had totally changed. Slaves were now free men and women pulling wagons overflowing with Egyptian luxuries. Possessions of gold, silver, expensive clothing and everything their hearts ever desired. They no longer had to punch a time clock in Egypt or be responsible to the taskmasters. Israel was free! What a dramatic change. They saw a sea split before them and crossed its bed, not through muddy sludge, but on dry ground. Not to mention the miracles of bread from the sky and trials of bitter waters. Much took place that first week. What lay before Israel? They did not know, nor would they have been able to comprehend it if told. Change and a new way of life had begun! 
Fast forward many centuries to a group of men from differing walks, all called by one Man to follow Him. Every day of their lives with Him was a new adventure as they saw water turned to wine, dead people raised, blind men see and amidst the miracles, listened to profound teaching like nothing taught by any other prophet or teacher. These men were riding on top of the world with dreams of a coming Kingdom and a close relationship with the One who would rule over it. Then there was that infamous night. One would betray Him, one man would deny Him while many scattered. Only one would be found standing close. All would watch their dreams die before them. Their next days would be filled with questions of pondering how they had been tricked and deceived. This One appeared to be genuine. Then the news, His tomb was found empty. Could it be? Now, almost a week after Passover, there they were, sitting on the shore of the Galilee eating fish with the resurrected Messiah! (Click to Article)

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