Sacramento Is Being Flooded EVEN BEFORE OROVILLE DAM BREAKS- Paul Preston Interview


This picture was taken three days ago. Later in the article, you will see how much the water level has increased at this S. Sacramento levee.

The pounding of the Oroville Dam area by a series of storms has begun in earnest. Rains are heavy and the stress on the dam is great. Governor Brown has replaced the local workers at the dam site with his own union-affiliated workers so that he can control the flow of information. Governor Brown is eerily silent.

The Danger to Sacramento Increases Exponentially

Local flooding in Sacramento due to the present series of storms coming through the city are flooding out many of the areas in the city. At the present rate, there will be only one way out of the city and that is to the East.

The levees are failing, see the link below for a video of the distressed condition of the Sacramento flood control.

Paul Preston Interview

I interviewed Paul Preston regarding the increasing danger to both the Oroville Dam and the lack of functional flood control in Sacramento. In this interview, Paul Preston clearly lays out the danger to both areas. I would respectfully ask that all forward this interview with Paul Preston to as many people as possible.  The dangers are real and California has a governor that is acting with complete depraved indifference toward the people. (Click to Article)

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