An independent California isn’t that wacky of an Idea

Political scientists suspend their disbelief to explain how secession might play out for the Golden State


With recent public opinion surveys indicating that a third of Californians support peacefully seceding from the United States, it’s time for the media to stop dismissing the idea as a zany left coast response to the newly elected Republican federal government. The statistic equates to nearly 13 million people. That’s a lot of people. It’s worth considering what would happen if this long shot became a reality. You know, kind of like our reality-TV president who was never going to win the White House.

It may be logistically implausible now. However, if four or eight years of Trump continue to jettison California values from the mainstream and represent long-term irreconcilable differences for blue and red American states, secession could be a reality in our lifetime. We wouldn’t be the first nation to revisit unresolved issues from a civil war.

There’s been plenty written on the infeasibility and public opinion numbers associated with CalExit, as secession is colloquially known. Few have really gamed it out beyond casually pontificating about constitutional amendments or military action. If you inhale political news like oxygen, theorizing about the implications of California secession is a highly stimulating line of inquiry. When you get into the weeds, you start discovering some fascinating probabilities and strategic options. I highly recommend playing along at home. (Click to Article)

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