Pizzagate and Organ Theft From Children Are Connected


This is a shocking report and one must decide before reading whether, or not, they have the constitution for reading about the connection between child-sex-trafficking and organ harvesting.

According to the United Nations, organized crime controls child prostitution and organized crime controls “snatch and grab” organ harvesting. Both are crimes that involve bondage and despite the fact that organized crime is involved in both, there is scant evidence to connect the two industries together, except for what I will present at the end of this article.

I was more successful in getting people to talk about Benghazi than I am about these heinous crimes. Therefore, one of the purposes for this article is to shake the trees to see what falls out.

Witnesses Afraid to go Public

For months, I have spoken to police and forensic pathologists of various types about these crimes. I am convinced that when discoveries of organ harvesting are made, there is a concentrated effort to cover up the crime. As one CSI type told me, when we discover a dead body with missing organ(s), we know not to call attention to it. Further, I have searched high and low for evidence of organ harvesting within the United States. There is plenty of evidence about the practice in China and other foreign countries, but somehow this is kept out of the corporate controlled media inside the United States. This reminds me of State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski, who made an off-hand reference to a Saudi who runs the graphics for the State Department brochures on child-sex-trafficking. Monika told me that she omits any reference in the brochures related to the practice inside of the United States in a hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, approach to the issue.

After speaking with two pathologists, I am convinced of the link between the two trafficking industries. I have quietly tried to pursue this connection since rumors about these interconnections surfaced in relation to the Clinton Foundation. As I was looking into the $2 billion stolen from the relief funds intended for Haiti by Bill and Hillary Clinton, people would tell me about the sex trafficking and organ harvesting that are going on with Haitian children. These connections began to appear in the anecdotal stories which surfaced. This is when I became suspicious.

Of all the people I have interviewed in this topic, the most revealing interview contained the following:

“People are amazingly ignorant to think that Pizzagate is limited to child-sex-trafficking. This is only one leg of the enterprise. Many of the Children are also “lent” to child-porn films. Many of these children die in sex films through a practice called snuff films. This is where the child is killed after perpetrator has reached gratification. Some of these children are also farmed out for hunting purposes and some of the human hunting goes on right inside the United States. There is a strong connection between sex-trafficking and organ harvesting. In the old days, the victimized kids would be forced to use drugs and then turned out into the streets when their services were no longer needed. Who would believe a drug addicted young adult in relation to their tales of being trafficked? (Author’s Note: This is precisely what Nick Bryant, the author of The Franklin Scandal told me). This practice grew into “recruiting” a number of these children to participate in snuff films. It has grown into forced organ harvesting when their sexual services are no longer needed”. (Click to Article)

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