PARENTS: Skip The Vaccines, Try This Mom’s Health Drink Instead


By Courtney, Connect with her at Alkaline Mom

“We don’t need vaccines, we need fruits and vegetables, and to wash our hands!”

That is what my 3-year-old (at the time) said when she heard Elmo’s vaccine propaganda. She’s pretty smart. Why do kids get sick and what can we do to stop it? I hear so many people talk about how getting sick often as an infant/child is great, “because they are building their little immune systems.” That does not resonate well with New Biology(TM). We are born with our immune systems working impeccably (unless mom got shots while pregnant, then there is no promise of that). The reason anyone “gets sick” isn’t about catching something, it is about getting rid of something, which happens to be accompanied by symptoms. It happens more often in children (unless they have an alkaline lifestyle and diet) because their immune systems are so high-functioning that the minute their bodies get an overload of acidic trash (like meat, eggs, dairy, alcohol, coffee, processed food, GMOs, sugar, etc.) either from mommy’s milk, formula, or their own eating habits, the body needs to expel it. It is so simple.

It better be or my kids are in for trouble. They have averaged about 2 runny noses each in their lives and are 2 and 4 years old. If they need to get sick to build an immune system than these kiddos are the sickest healthy kids I have ever seen. That logic is just, well…nonsense. I happen to know many other families who practice similar eating habits and are anti-vaccine/anti-pharmaceutical medications who also have unrealistically healthy kids.

Eating alkaline is certainly a cornerstone to great health and rock-solid immunity.

Also, people want to know if there is anything ELSE they can do to help as they transition to a more alkaline lifestyle. Yes. We drink a daily health drink.

The one I make for my kids contains:
2 ounces alkaline water
1/4 tsp activated charcoal
1/16 tsp baking soda
5000 IU D3
1/8 tsp L-arginine 
1/4 tsp Low Dose Colloidal Silver
1 tsp green powder such as organic alfalfa sprouts powder or organic barley grass powder
1 tablespoon chlorophyll (DeSouza’s brand, the only one I can find without glycerin, which defeats the purpose) (Click to Article)

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