Former DEA chief propagandist says the agency knows marijuana is safe … but it’s the agency’s “cash cow” for more funding


(Natural News) Confirming what many people have long suspected, a former top DEA representative has admitted that the agency knows marijuana is not dangerous, but continues to deny this in order to make money.

Belita Nelson told a group of doctors and nurses at the Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference in Denver that the DEA’s philosophy was: “Marijuana is safe, we know it is safe. It’s our cash cow and we will never give up.”

After catching the agency’s attention through her mission to help heroin addicts in her community get treatment by setting up a nonprofit, Nelson served as an international media representative for the DEA from 1998 to 2004, eventually becoming their chief propagandist.

During her time with the agency, she appeared regularly on talk shows like Nightline and theOprah Winfrey Show, talking about the dangers of cannabis. However, after seeing firsthand how marijuana eased the suffering and prolonged the life of a friend with cancer, her reservations grew, and the final straw came after discovering that cannabis was helping some heroin addicts to break their opioid addictions. This led her to quit her job in 2004 in protest of the agency’s illogical stance against cannabis.

What happened next is unsettling but not surprising: Upon realizing they had forgotten to ask her to sign a confidentiality agreement when she was hired, the agency tried to buy her silence.

“They called me in and said ‘name your price, $10,000 a month? $20,000? What do you want Belita?”

Horrified, Nelson told them that she would not accept their money and that she would tell the world that the agency knows cannabis is safe and is keeping it from sick people who need it. She described what goes on in the agency as “corruption on steroids.” (Click to Article)

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