CERN’s Orion Stargate Decoding Large Hadron Collider



If something is obvious, chances are it’s already been discovered. That would be the case especially for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which has attracted so much attention not just from scientists but also from suspicious conspiracy theorists, curious alternative researchers and anyone one else interested in the biggest machine ever built by mankind. It’s been several years since the LHC went operational in 2008 and you would think anything significant that can be said about it has already been said. Well, you would be wrong.

In this article the reader will be shown a whole new system of information mysteriously encoded in the layout of the particle collider that’s unlike anything you may have seen before. Some of the revelations will be surprisingly in your face and does not require any long explanation. You see it, and you get it. Some are less simple but still highly intelligent, precise, and undeniable. They’ve evaded detection until now not because of any lack of clarity or coherence but because of the initial difficulty in tuning into the underlying “cosmic” perspective. People just don’t normally expect anything like this and the mind just does not think to look for such an extensive “as above, so below” design in this kind of mainstream scientific setting. Once we start tuning in, however, a whole new reality opens up before our eyes…

By 2008 I knew that the Moon was a key component of the design. But it wasn’t until this year (2015) that the rabbit hole finally led me to…Orion. The LHC, I would now suggest, is an “Orion Stargate”. At least in the sense that the Giza pyramids are also an Orion Stargate of sorts. (Click to Article)

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