America’s taxpayer-funded bureaucracies lie about vaccine safety to maintain power and funding while harming children


(Natural News) The truth is finally coming to light about the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s (CDC) coverup of vaccine dangers, particularly those vaccines that include the mercury-based preservative Thimerosal. The incredible work of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and his colleague Lyn Redwood, R.N., M.S.N., has unveiled the fact that neither the CDC nor the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ever calculated the cumulative infant exposure to mercury from routine childhood vaccines, and that this deliberate safety oversight has damaged potentially millions upon millions of innocent children.

Documents the duo uncovered show that both the FDA and the CDC knew that infant vaccines containing Thimerosal were collectively exposing children to levels of the neurotoxin that far exceeded federal safety guidelines, but that the two agencies covered for the vaccine industry by ignoring this fact. These documents, which were put together by a toxicology consultant who had worked for the FDA and noticed the discrepancies, illustrate once again how key government agencies have deferred to defending the interests of profitable industries over the health of Americans.

In accordance with the 1997 FDA Modernization Act, the American people via Congress ordered that the FDA compile a thorough list of all drugs that contain mercury compounds so that they could be assessed for safety by the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER). After this was completed, however, revealing far too much mercury inchildhood vaccines, the FDA intentionally stalled in taking action to protect children.

A thorough review put forth by Dr. Barry Rumack, M.D., of Rumack Consulting, clearly showed that routine childhood vaccines containing Thimerosal were exposing children to levels of mercury that could severely harm them. But the FDA chose to conceal this pertinent information in violation of its prescribed duties, and in direct betrayal of the children whose parents’ taxpayer dollars continue to be spent on keeping failed regulatory agencies like the FDA in operation.

“There was no point in time from birth to approximately 16-18 months of age that infants were below the EPA guidelines for allowable mercury exposure,” the Eco Watch article by Kennedy and Redwood explains. “In fact, according to the models, blood and body burden levels of mercury peaked at six months of age at a shockingly high level of 120ng/liter [nanograms per liter]. To put this in perspective, the CDC classifies mercury poisoning as blood levels of mercury greater than 10 ng/L.” (Click to Article)

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