Torah Commentary -Bo (Go) -There Is a Lamb In My House! -Day 6, Month 11, 5777; 2 February 2017


Torah Commentary
Bo (Go)
Exodus 10:1-13:16
Jeremiah 46:13-28
Luke 2:22-24
John 19:31-37
Revelation 8:6-9:12; 16:1-21
There Is a Lamb In My House!
Many people believe it took about a year from the time of the original demand of Moshe to let the people go to offer a sacrifice in the wilderness to the end of the plagues. If this is true, it would give further credence to the idea that the Passover sacrifice being done is on the anniversary of the sacrifice in the Garden of Eden. The reason the Hebrews fell into slavery is because they had forgotten the sacrifice of the original covenant of redemption. It is even possible they had adopted holidays of the Egyptians as their own which had replaced this sacrifice. The instructions now for the Passover sacrifice are not new instructions, but rather a reinstitution of what YH VH had already established.
After raising goats personally, I have always found the instructions regarding the Passover lamb very interesting. The killing of a lamb or goat is something our family has done many times as we raised some of them for meat. We never once thought to bring the animal into the house for four days before we killed it! What was up with that? Before I continue this thought, let us go back to the Garden and allow our minds to consider something. (Click to Article)

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