Pretribulation Rapture Taught by Early Church


The blessed hope of Christianity is that one day those believers who have preceded us in death will be raised to life again. At the same time, those of us who are alive will be raptured and join those saints around the throne of God.

 …from the archives of J.R. Church – April 1995

While attending the Florida Prophecy Conference recently, I heard Grant Jeffrey talk about his upcoming book, FINAL WARNING, due out in a few weeks. He refuted the claims of those who hold a mid or post tribulation rapture theory by relating two discoveries of ancient writings, in which the pretribulation rapture was taught. I was delighted to hear about his discovery.

You may have heard about Dave McPherson’s book, THE INCREDIBLE RAPTURE COVERUP, in which he suggested that John Darby first came up with the teaching of a pretrib rapture in 1820. He claimed that Darby’s view came from a Scottish girl, Margaret MacDonald, who supposedly had fallen into a trance and had a vision. The truth of the matter is that Margaret MacDonald said that her vision revealed a mid-trib rapture of only the most holy! John Darby had preached his view of the pretribulation rapture long before Margaret had her so-called vision.

On the other hand, another post-tribber, John Bray of Lakeland, Florida, wrote that a Jesuit priest, Emmanuel Laconza, originally came up with the theory of a pretrib rapture in his book, THE COMING OF MESSIAH IN GLORY AND MAJESTY, written in 1812 – eight years before John Darby espoused his view. According to Bray, McPherson’s attempt to pin the origin of the rapture on John Darby was a bit too hasty. The fact of the matter is that both men are wrong. Early church leaders believed and taught a pretribulation rapture. They also taught the imminency of the rapture – that is that the rapture can occur without notice at any moment. If anything at all has to occur before the rapture, then it cannot be imminent. (Click to Article)

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