Our Alternative Drug & Alcohol Rehab is a Place of Hope in Montana & it’s Being Built!

This ministry was founded upon the awesome wonders of our God, Jesus Christ.  If you go to IatrogenicAddiction.com, you can learn a little bit about the addiction of our co-founder, Dina Perkins, that caused her near death from a massive accidental prescription drug overdose… an overdose that should have killed her… an overdose directly caused by the doctor she trusted with her life. This was a doctor who, when questioned, told Dina and husband she was not addicted after 7 years of prescribing 12 different narcotics concomitantly; a few months later she lay in a bed in a cardiac care unit expected to die.   By all of the medical evidence, the verdict was death; however, God spared her life and miraculously brought her back to life for a reason and a purpose. Jesus allowed her to go through the most horrific addiction imaginable.  The doctors and nurses that attended to her care during a very cruel medical detox, expressed that they could not believe that she lived to tell her story. 

Despite the insistence of the hospital staff and her enraged two daughters demanding she attend a 6 month rehab, Dina’s experience of a miraculous series of supernatural encounters with Jesus Christ Himself, led her down a different path to total healing.  She did it without the conventional rehab… without 12 Steps, without support groups… without a sponsor… and without being duped into believing that addiction is a disease (which is only a theory).  So, how did she heal by herself and what did she uncover in the supernatural realm?  Let’s examine these things in order to be able to understand why this new Retreat is being built and why it works.

We begin by telling you that the medical community has been lying to you about addiction.  There will be many who will stop reading right here and leave this site in anger because you may feel that doctors are perfect and would never lie to anyone.  I respectfully disagree. If you believe that lie, you have been brainwashed.  Medicine is big business and doctors want big houses… big cars… big bank accounts… big bucks!  They are just HUMANS and desire ‘things’ like some people do.

Regarding Greed with addictive Rx Drugs:

  • Doctors are not immune to being greedy or doing things for the sake of money.  If you read and watch the news, you hear about overdoses, on a  daily basis,  from the Rx drugs they give patients. They continue to write these prescriptions with the full knowledge that those drugs will quickly addict you, they will attach an umbilical cord between themselves and you,  and these same drugs will eventually kill you by destroying your vital organs and causing a massive accidental overdose – without much warning; you just wake up dead. They keep that dirty little secret from patients like you, because they don’t want to turn down business.  You see, for each addict they create, there is a monthly visit required by law in order to fill the next month’s prescription. I have known of doctors charging insurances as much as $1000.00 and more PER monthly visit for renewals.

Regarding Greed with Alcohol & Illegal Street Drugs:

  • You ask how doctors amass ridiculous sums of money from those addicted to alcohol and street drugs?  They call it a ‘disease’ without telling you that it is simply a ‘theory’ that has NEVER been proven.  So, with a ‘disease’, they have to have you come to them for ongoing care and medications to control your fake disease.

  • Rehabs bring in the huge bucks.  They prey on your ‘fake’ disease by warehousing you in their revolving door rehabs, feeding you more addictive medications to ‘control’ your cravings, forcing you into repulsive 12 Step groups that do noting but make you feel dirty, making you feel like you’re going to (fake) relapse unless you attend their groups for the rest of your life, and depend on some dysfunctional ‘sponsor’ who has never been background checked for criminal activity.  They also brow beat you until you comply with their slavery and bondage. Those who run these revolving door rehabs charge from 7000.00 per month to over $180,000.00 per month.  Yes, you’re reading that correctly!  Many will also force Christians into pagan practices such as yoga, telling you that you MUST practice it or you will surely relapse.

  • The doctors who attend you during and after fake rehab make an ocean full of money as well.  You’re now programmed to believe that you are a disabled useless forever addict who will constantly relapse and be dependent on dysfunctional groups and sponsors for your pathetic existence for the rest of your days upon this earth.  Is THAT what you want?

God is doing a “new thing” with Victory Retreat Montana.  He is making His Glory and Healing known.  According to the Bible, we know that Jesus healed everyone that received Him and came to Him for healing… everyone! The Scripture says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever”.  That means that when He healed then, He also heals today, and He still will heal tomorrow. We believe Him and everyone that believes Him and receives Him is heir to that same power of healing.  If you’re already a believer, your faith will transform and addiction healing will be yours.  If you are not yet a believer, but you make a decision for Christ, you will discover the supernatural path to complete healing of your addiction. Your dependence will change to a reliance on the King of Kings and Lord of Lords – the God of all creation – Jesus Christ Himself, the Messiah and Light of the world, who has already come to bring you Salvation, and will return soon to establish His Kingdom upon this earth. Are you ready for a supernatural adventure that will change you forever?  If so, please feel free to contact us below. We sure hope you do. While we continue in our planning phase in building our Retreat, we can still work with you by phone, Skype, text, email and more. Contact us below.



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