Big Pharma propaganda seeks to deliberately misinform doctors who over-prescribe dangerous drugs for profit


(Natural News) The overuse of prescription drugs in America has long since reached epidemic proportions. One of the driving forces behind this mass over-prescription, of course, is Big Pharma. And despite the evidence that certain drugs aren’t always necessary, reports indicate that doctors continue to prescribe them indiscriminately. If that wasn’t bad enough, many people are also prescribed more drugs to treat the side effects of another medication.

Big Pharma has come under fire for a number of things over the years. Monopolization of the industry, questionable advertising and price gouging are just some of the things that the industry has been criticized for. Corruption, greed and a disregard for fellow human beings seem to run rampant in the world of pharmaceuticals; the industry has paid out countless dollars for criminal and civil settlements over the years. And yet, nothing seems to stop them. (RELATED: Find more examples of drug industry price rigging at (Click to Article)

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