Are we approaching a post-antibiotic future? Chemical medicine reaches “end game” terminal failure


(Natural News) As multi-drug resistance continues to spread throughout bacterial populations, we seem inexorably headed toward a future in which antibiotics cease to be of any use whatsoever, experts have warned.

Antibiotic resistance is a natural product of bacterial evolution. Throughout their history, many bacteria have evolved some degree of resistance to toxic chemicals in their environments, which include the defensive chemicals that other organisms produce against them — the very chemicals that antibiotics are based on. So, when a bacterial population is exposed to antibiotics, all the vulnerable organisms die, leaving only the drug-resistant ones to pass their genes on to the next generation.

But this process has been dramatically accelerated by irresponsible use of antibiotics to treat viral infections or non-dangerous bacterial infections, and particularly by the use of antibiotics as growth-promoters in livestock. (Click to Article)

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