Victory Retreat Montana -A Non-Clinical Faith Based Transformational Rehabilitation Retreat


Victory Retreat Montana

Phase I

 Victory Retreat Montana will be raised up to be a specialized Christian Retreat… one for the brokenhearted… the people in addiction, who are too often kicked to the curb and forgotten.  It will be a brand new, non-clinical, alternative, and Bible based rehabilitation Retreat with a bright new methodology… one that is based on God’s principles and total healing.  Victory Retreat Montana does NOT subscribe to any disease theories… 12 steps… relapse theories… or the adage that says, once an addict always an addict.  We have a fresh new outlook that is redefining addiction and it’s treatment.  We stand on the Word of God, The Bible, for our answers.  God says, “When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed”.  Among many other Scriptures is this one, from Psalms 107:19-20:  “Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he saveth them out of their distresses. He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions”.  That said, we have built an inspirational, motivational and proven method to heal from addiction with absolute certainty – when God and His Biblical foundations are received, embraced, studied and lived.  We are non-denominational, doctrinally sound and Biblically fact based.  Please visit us at to find out what God is doing!

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