The Quest for the Best Water, Part 1


Written By Courtney, you can follow her at Alkaline Mom 

Several years ago I bought a $2000 counter-top alkalizer/ionizer that was supposed to give me amazingly pure, non-toxic alkaline water. After years of use, I was told that said machine did NOT remove fluoride, but the new affordable unit available does. After a year of use, I discovered that it is useless for fluoride removal. Infuriated, and a bit panicked that I have been unwillingly poisoning my children, I went on an emergency quest, involving massive amounts of research, to get clean, non-toxic water into our home. This series will share all that I learned on that journey and why I made the final decision I did on what is actually the best water for my home (and maybe yours!)

Part 1: The day I found out that my expensive water machine did not remove fluoride I drove an hour and a half to get the new one. Admittedly, it did make my water taste great—even my 4-year-old could tell the difference. And I believe it removes plenty of toxins for $680, but it does NOT remove fluoride, which is what I was promised. (Click to Article)

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