UN Put On Notice By Trump Admin: ‘Don’t Have Our Backs? We’re Taking Names’ And Will ‘Respond Accordingly’


President Trump has made no attempt to downplay his less-than-favorable opinion of the United Nations in the past, calling it “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time,” in a tweet back on December 26, 2016, as well as calling for a pared-down version of it [NATO] in comments made back in April 2016, while calling NATO obsolete, he also referenced the UN as a “political game.

The U.S. gives approximately $8 billion to the U.N. and its associated organizations annually in mandatory payments and voluntary contributions, to which Fox News explained in July 2015, is far more than any other member state pays.

If that seems like a lot, it is—far more than anyone else pays And it’s also, in some cases, bad value for money.

The U.N. system for calculating member nations’ “fair share” payment toward its regular and peacekeeping budgets has increasingly shifted the burden away from the vast majority of the 193 members and onto a relative handful of high-income nations, especially the U.S. Indeed some nations pay next to nothing.

Over the last six decades, the share of the U.N. expenses borne by poor or small member states has steadily ratcheted downward to near- microscopic levels. From 1974 to 1998, the minimum mandatory payment for the regular budget for example, fell from 0.04 percent to 0.001 percent. For the peacekeeping budget, the minimum is 0.0001 percent. (Click to Article)

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