The Red Dawn Invasion of the US Has Just Taken a Huge Step Forward


China and Russia have taken major steps closer to completing their Red Dawn invasion of the United States.

This article is a combination of the old and the new and convincingly builds the case that the US better begin to prepare to be attacked. I have been asserting for three years that the signs of a Red Dawn style invasion are appearing throughout Central and South America. Now, we are seeing more serious signs WITHIN the United States.  This is no longer a case of throwing anomalies up on the wall and hoping to discern a pattern. A blind man can now see the dangers which are presented in this article through an analysis of what has been known and reported and what is currently transpiring.

Embedded Chinese Soldiers in West Coast Ports

Since 1997, Chinese officials have bribed and bought off senior American government officials, particularly in the Clinton administration.

Part of the bribes included the selling of Long Beach port to the Chinese along with the loss of nearly 18,000 American jobs. Multiple military sources around the country have quietly warned about the growing menace posed by the buildup of Chinese Communist forces in many of our California ports now controlled by the Chinese. President Trump, this is more important and immmediate than “the Wall”. (Click to Article)

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