The ‘Enemies Of America Within’ Are Still Within – John McCain’s Ties To George Soros And ISIS Prove America Is Still In Danger As The Globalists Become Desperate To Bring Down President Trump Via Any Way Possible


The recent story from USAToday reports Arizona Senator John McCain has come out swinging against President Donald Trump and his new administration soon after McCain won another six-year term in the Senate, his sixth term in office. McCain, who back on December 29th of 2016 was reported to be seeking stronger sanctions against Russia, has also just warned Trump he’ll fight him on his plans of lifting sanctions against them.

In a new story over at the Gateway Pundit they report George Soros-funded Media Matters is secretly working with Facebook to fight ‘fake news’ aka anything that isn’t globalist propaganda. According to an explosive report released by the Washington Free Beacon, the radical group is assisting Facebook with helping them identify what they deem to be “propaganda” and “fake news” in what many are calling a clamp down on free speech and a boxing out of conservative media on the social media giant.

In another story published over at the Daily Mail that the Drudge Report linked to back on January 12th that had the Drudge headline“Demented McCain Turns Dirty”, we see McCain admit “I did what any citizen should do” after he turned over the ‘golden showers smear dossier’ on Trump to the FBI. Doing so even though he admitted he had no idea whatsoever if the information it contained was credible, we see McCain’s behavior akin to that of snowflakes melting down in the streets of America and Starbucks coffee shops: Senator John McCain pushing ‘fake news’ within the US Capitol.

And as we learn below, there is likely a very good reason for that.

The story that came out on WND written by Jerome Corsi all the way back on February 12th of 2008 reported that McCain has long been funded by, of all people, George Soros….dating back to at least 2001. Corsi reported then McCain had founded an Alexandria, Virginia based Institute called ‘the Reform Institute’ under which it received funding from Soros’ ‘Open Society Institute’. McCain was even forced to cut his ties to ‘the Reform Institute’ when he ran for president back in 2008 but by then, the damage was done. The Reform Institute proves that Senator McCain is another ‘Soros stooge’.

With Trump now firmly in office, why should we be concerned?

As we see in news headlines below from all across America over the first week of Trump’s presidency, massive cases of Trump derangement syndrome are breaking out everywhere with more and more people calling for Trump to be impeached, removed from office or otherwise ‘taken down’. And knowing Senator McCain’s ties to ISIS terrorists as outlined below and his past as a ‘songbird’ that is more than happy to ‘sing’ gives us great reason to be concerned about where his loyalty lies.

One week into Trump’s presidency, the MSM is still in total ‘meltdown mode’. Satanic, liberal Hollywood has also picked a fight with our new president. CNN’s own president recently made a veiled threat at Trump while confirming that CNN is more than happy to ‘push fake news’about him. As Susan Duclos reported days ago, ‘nasty, man-hating women’ are also going on an all-out offensive against Trump (most of their groups ALSO funded by George Soros as shared in this story and the 3rd video below) while leftists lunatics calling for love torch cars and outright verbally or physically attack anybody who doesn’t see eye to eye with them.

And as Susan Duclos tells us in the first video below, with the mainstream media still happy to push ‘fake news’, most recently with the Washington Post claiming that the entire upper tier of the US State Department had resigned when in all actuality they had been fired, we see that the ‘enemies of America within’ are going nowhere and are fighting on. As Stephen K. Bannon recently called them, the MSM is ‘the opposition party’. Completely beholden to Hillary Clinton during the election, it appears the MSM will stop at nothing to bring down President Trump. (Click to Article)

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