Bishops Using the Bible to Condemn the Jews Building in Their Homeland


Citing Leviticus 25:10, “You will declare this fiftieth year to be sacred and proclaim the liberation of all the country’s inhabitants,” a group of bishops from eight nations, at the conclusion of a recent visit to the Holy Land, decried the situation in the areas Israel liberated after the 1967 Six Day War. Pushing an entirely original interpretation of the Torah commandment of the Jubilee, which is strictly relevant to Jews, the bishops declared that “during this fiftieth year of occupation we must pray for the liberty of everyone in the Holy Land and practically support all those working to build a just peace.”

“We all have a responsibility to oppose the construction of settlements,” the bishops declared. “This de facto annexation of land not only undermines the rights of Palestinians in areas such as Hebron and East Jerusalem but, as the UN recently recognized, also imperils the chance of peace.

“We all have a responsibility to provide assistance for the people of Gaza, who continue to live amid a man-made humanitarian catastrophe,” the bishops wrote, bypassing a more committed definition of who the man in “man-made” and what exactly he made (Qassam rockets to be launched at Israeli civilians).

“[The Gazans] have now spent a decade under blockade, compounded by a political impasse caused by ill-will on all sides,” the bishops wrote. (Click to Article)

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