Trump Must Cut the Head off the Snake If He Is to Survive


This country is on a collision course with martial law. Donald Trump does not want martial law. In fact, it is likely that Trump will do everything he can to avoid martial law. However, circumstances have been thrust upon him that make it likely that he will have to be authoritarian if he is to survive his first few months in office.

The two primary reasons that America may end up under martial law have to do with the multitude of assassination plots directed toward Trump and the impotency of the Secret Service. Secondly, the country is already being thrown into chaos as evidenced by the protests which have turned into riots in many cities.

Any President would be forced to restore order and the if the problem is pervasive enough and it is possible that martial law will ultimately be the final answer.

The Intent to Assassinate Donald Trump

First, it was Michael Moore and his thinly veiled threats issued towards Donald Trump after the Jill Stein/Hillary Clinton recounting of the votes failed in which the “round mound of film-making” said, “a lot can happen between now and the inauguration”.

Following Moore’s comments, we had a slew of comments from politicians, mostly Democrats, who began comparing Trump to JFK with all the obvious intent.

Jim Stone is reporting that an open microphone may have caught a reference to “an umbrella shooter” at the Inauguration and this coupled the BBC tweeting out Trump had been shot in a typical Building 7 style of bad timing news releases, has made some wonder if Trump avoided assassination at the Inauguration. Some took this to mean that the assassination of Trump was planned and foiled. Maybe this is true, maybe it is not. However, it demonstrates a mindset of the people that this could even be entertained as truth. President Trump’s life is the most sought after life in Presidential history.

From Hollywood, the queen of sleazy and slutty behavior, Madonna, clearly threatened the President in her 18 second post Inaugural speech in which she stated she wants to “blow up the White House”.  Remember, this is a public figure who joked about trading oral sex in exchange for votes for Hillary Clinton and she is outraged by Trump’s comments about women? After viewing this clip it is apparent that Trump must immediately move to arrest Madonna. (Click to Article)

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