Torah Commentary -Sh’mot (Names) -The Ultimate Oxymoron – Day 21, Month 10, 5777; 19 January 2017

Torah Commentary
Sh’mot (Names)

Exodus 1:1-6:1
Isaiah 27:6-28:13; 29:22-23
Matthew 22:23-33; 41-46
Acts 3:12-15
Hebrew 11:23-26


The Ultimate Oxymoron
Before I get to what, in my opinion is the ultimate oxymoron, I have a question. Can anyone find a shadow of Messiah in this Torah portion? (Jeopardy theme song playing in background) The answer is pretty obvious on this one. Answer: Who is Moshe! Let’s dig a little deeper. Moshe was actually prophesied in last week’s portion. To see this we will need to look at gematria, the use of letters having numeric meaning. For those whose blood pressure rises with the mention of something like this, not to worry your computer is doing this very thing right now. 
Last week we read the “Blessings” given to the twelve sons of Israel. To Judah, he spoke of a staff and one called Shiloh. Literally it says “Yavo Shiloh” or Shiloh will come. These words, as well as the word Messiah, have a numeric value of 358. If we take out the word Yavo and just look at the word Shiloh, it and the word Moshe have a numeric value of 345. From a gematria standpoint, this links Moshe as a type of deliverer foreshadowing the ultimate deliverance in Shiloh or Messiah Yeshua.
Now that we all see Moshe is a shadow of Yeshua through gematria, I have two questions. First question, “Why do the people of Israel need to be delivered?” Second question, “Why are they in bondage?” The tribes of Israel are slaves! In my book Israel as slaves is the ultimate oxymoron. (Click to Article)

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