The Horrifying Reality of The Elites and Their Connections To Satanic Pedophile Rings


We begin this story with a powerful message, Take A Stand! In our society, there is a class of ‘elitists,’ who are directly involved with satanic pedophile rings.

On December 19th, 2016 a report was published in the Global Citizen, about a strong woman named Anneke Lucas. What happened to her is horrifying. The details she recounts prove yet again that in our world there is a society of satanic elitists who are after our children. It matters not what country you call home. It matters not who is president or prime minister or even king, there is a society that is actively engaged in satanic pedophilia.

Millions of children around the world are sold into these rings, and millions never make it out. However one did, and her name is Anneke Lucas.

Her story joined with various other individuals who have escaped these satanic cults, lays the foundation that the aristocrat societies of the world are actively meeting and trading children as if they were playing cards. The society she speaks of didn’t value gold or silver. Instead, they valued children and the innocence.

She describes the gatherings as being filled with aristocrats, some of whom liked sex with children and others who liked murdering children.

The following is a snip of her story as posted to the Global Citizen; (Click to Article)

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