BREAKING: Israel Follows Through With Trump Plan, Removing All Funding From U.N. -January 22 2017


Buckle up!

Netanyahu just announced Israel is beginning to defund the United Nations. Something big is getting ready to happen, and the back story dates to December 23, when the United Nations passed that resolution against Israel – the resolution that will live in infamy. The basis of this international incident was not merely the act of declaring the Western Wall as Palestinian territory, and undermining the most basic spiritual tenets of Jerusalem as the holy site the Israelis want to be the capital of Israel. It was the way it transpired.

The U.S. seemed oblivious when the vote came before the U.N., and it abstained. However, that was a dirty trick – everyone knew that the U.S. in all likelihood facilitated the appearance of the resolution. Yet, so many countries piled on, and all to give the impression that they had nothing better to do. It was if the entire United Nations body of global governance had agreed that, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the world’s most pressing security issue moving into 2017 is Israel and its quest for a nation-state with Jerusalem as its capitol.


So, there are two dimensions to what Netanyahu is escalating now. The first aspect is the Israeli holy sites and the settlement spaces at stake in the negotiations, and the second issue is the manner in which the entire United Nations is bringing its weight to bear on this issue as a major global priority among the community of nations.

The United Nations has essentially declared that, in its estimation, Israel represents a threat to world peace, international security, and goodwill among humans.

This invites a question of perspective and judgment on the part of the United Nations. For the sake of perspective, let’s consider a few simple facts.

If Israel were a state in the USA, it would be the 5th smallest state in the union, ranking just above New Jersey.

Put another way, you could put the country of Israel, inside the state of Florida almost 8 times. (Click to Article)

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