NJ, FL, OR, Attack Kratom, AKA Needs YOUR Help!


It was just months ago that we stormed Washington D.C., forcing the Drug Enforcement Administration DEA) to withdraw it’s emergency ban on kratom.
We followed that with a literal tsunami of 23,210 comments to the DEA, including our own scientific 8-factor analysis developed by Johns’ Hopkins Professor and Pinney and Associates’ Dr. Jack Henningfield.
Trust me, we have rocked the boat at DEA headquarters.  We even earned the top spot in Newsweek’s Top Five Memorable Drug Scares of 2016 under the heading “Crazy Kratom Crackdown.”
DEA officials have admitted they’ve never seen anything quite like the consumer outrage expressed by their attempted prohibition of kratom.
But we are in desperate need of your help again.
New legislation to ban kratom was introduced days ago in both New York and Florida and a bill to study whether kratom should be controlled was just introduced in OregonMake no mistake – if New York and Florida (and Oregon) go down, many other states will follow. We must make a stand!
To show you just what we’re up against, in one of the most outrageous comments made about our battle to keep kratom legal yet, the sponsor of the Florida bill (Florida House of Representatives member Kristin Jacobs) likened our efforts to those of Hitler. Read for yourself.  Ms. Jacobs apparently believes we are all lying about the myriad of ways kratom has helped us. Are you as outraged by this as I am? Are you willing to put some resources into this fight
Because we at the American Kratom Association are outraged and ready to fight any and all efforts to prohibit the possession and/or sale of kratom. We’ve already mobilized teams in FL and NY.
I am convinced we can win these fights with YOUR HELP.
We’ve had some success fundraising for our federal efforts and are well on our way to becoming a 501(c)(4) non-profit, but we simply don’t have enough resources to run the kind of state level campaigns needed to defeat these bills. So I have committed to our Board of Directors to raise an additional $300,000 for NY and FL by January 31.
As always, we plan to hire the best lobbying, legal, scientific and public relations teams for this situation.  But as you can imagine, this comes at a high price.
That is why I desperately need to raise an additional $300,000 to put us in a position to win.
So far I’ve received commitments of just over $100,000, an amazing effort, but still a long way from our goal.
I know that this is a huge personal sacrifice that I’m asking you to make, but we cannot win this fight to protect consumer access to kratom without your help. (Click to Article)

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