Written by  Brian Schrauger
Monday, January 16, 2017
Security Council Meeting:  

The situation in the Middle East (Syria)

In the wake of yesterday’s final declaration in Paris, the United Nations Security Council is set to meet tomorrow, on Wednesday, 17 January. Its goal, says Council President Olaf Skook, is to “trigger action towards a two-state solution” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.


In case there is any doubt about what the United Nations would like to do, and quickly, about the Israel-Palestinian confilict, the institution’s governing body, the UN Security Council, is set to meet tomorrow, on Tuesday, 17 January.

Anticipating the meeting, Security Council President Olof Skoog of Sweden, held a press conference on the third day of the new year. Even then, he was anticipationg yesterday’s Middle East peace conference in Paris, a confab attending by representatives from 70 nations.

In the Final Declaration of that conference, participants echoed the demands and sentiments of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, passed on 23 December 2016.

The reason 2334 is passed is because the United States of America, for the very first time, refused to veto a resolution that makes demands upon the Jewish state; specifically, demands which, by their nature, purport to usurp Israel’s sovereign right to legislate its own affairs and negotiate its own conflicts. The vote also took place under cover of holiday distractions, especially in the US and Israel. (Click to Article)

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