Donald Trump already doing more to hammer pharmaceuticals and vaccines than Hillary Clinton could have ever dreamed


(NaturalNews) During the recent presidential campaign, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton attempted to portray herself as an enemy of Big Pharma, pledging that, as president, she would force pharmaceutical companies to lower their prices and toe the line.

On her campaign website, she laid out a planto “respond to unjustified price hikes” for drugs that included penalties, emergency importation of safe treatments, making alternative drugs more available while increasing competition, and more.

Only, as was well-documented in The Hillary Files published by NewsTarget ahead of the election, Clinton was bought-and-paid-for by the pharmaceutical industry, and was never serious about ‘taking on’ the industry. As CNBC noted, despite what she was saying on the campaign trail, she loved Big Pharma.

In the wake of GOP nominee Donald J. Trump’s victory, it wasn’t immediately clear, other than repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a better plan, what his stance was when it came to Big Pharma. We knew from the earliest Republican debate that he questioned the safety of forcing children to have so many vaccines in such a short period of time (a position agreed on by an actual physician and fellow candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, Trump’s pick to head up Housing and Urban Development). He also mentioned the established link between vaccines and autism. [RELATED: What’s the latest news about vaccine safety? Find out]

Now, we are finding out just how serious he is in taking on Big Pharma and the medical establishment in general. (Click to Article)

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