Corruption at the FDA is to blame for the dramatic increase in drugs adverse events, deaths


(NaturalNews) A Trump presidency may very well usher in the kind of health choice and health freedom tens of millions of Americans have been waiting for, given statements he made during his first press conference recentlyabout seriously reforming Big Pharma.

Any reforms that Trump will enact seriously could not come soon enough. And with it, here’s hoping that those reforms also extend to the federal agency that ostensibly oversees Big Pharma: The Food and Drug Administration.

As reported by the trademarked Pharma Marketing Blog, some 128,000 hospitalized patients die every year from ADRs—Adverse Drug Reactions—and Adverse Events. That matches stroke as the fourth leading cause of hospital deaths, as noted here. Death from health supplements, which the FDA refuses to back despite scores of clinical studies demonstrating their benefits, don’t kill anyone.

Deaths and serious reactions outside of hospitals due to Big Pharma ADRs dramatically increases the overall death rates. And that also doesn’t include deaths and hospitalizations from overdosing patients, medication errors, and recreational drug use [RELATED: Check out the latest figures at]. (Click to Article)

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