Pharma Synthesized Marijuana Kills People


According to an article on Ouest France, recent testing by pharmaceutical testing company Biotrial left six people for dead. It wasn’t long after the event that the media began feeding the herd propaganda that “marijuana kills.” The only trouble with this is that it wasn’t marijuana that killed, rather, a synthetic version created in pharma’s labs.

This is a rather important point to digest. For Pharmaceutical companies who have huge stakes in painkillers and antianxiety medication lines, they are driven to stop the legalization of marijuana movement. But seeing that movement seems a bit unstoppable at this juncture, their best bet is to “patent” concoctions of it. Essentially, they recreate a plant. And in doing so, that plant happens to kill people. And soon enough, marijuana kills and we should make possession of marijuana a criminal act. Do you see how that works? (Click to Article)

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