This post is for those of you who have a heart for people in addiction and who would love to be a part of funding a brand new non-clinical alternative and Bible based rehabilitation retreat… along with a bright new methodology… one that is based on God’s principles and total healing.  Victory Retreat Montana does NOT subscribe to any disease theories… 12 steps… relapse theories… or the adage that says, once an addict always an addict.  We have a fresh new outlook that is redefining addiction and it’s treatment.  We stand on the Word of God, The Bible, for our answers.  God says, “When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed”.  Among many other Scriptures is this one, from Psalms 107:19-20:  “Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he saveth them out of their distresses. He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions”.  That said, we have built an inspirational, motivational and proven method to heal from addiction with absolute certainty – when God and His Biblical foundations are received, embraced, studied and lived.  We are non-denominational, doctrinally sound and Biblically fact based.

Briefly, we want to mention that there are several types of substance addictions that we will be dealing with… Prescription Drug Addiction, Illegal Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction.  Addiction is a way of coping and surviving life’s challenges for all too many people… dysfunctional as it may be.  The common thread to all who are addicted is that they have suffered emotional, and/or physical abuse at the hands of those they loved and/or trusted.  They think that drugs and/or alcohol seemingly provide an escape… an escape that bites back further down the road.  These people have done nothing wrong but to have grown up in an environment they never chose.  They didn’t come of age and aspire to be an addict; it just happened. They were all once innocent children with hope for their future; however, something happened to destroy that hope.  Hope is everything.  When it’s destroyed, people feel that they have lost purpose and that they don’t belong.  Most don’t even want to be around anymore but they hang on until an accidental overdose kills them.  Their apathy isn’t self induced; it’s addiction related.  All that is on their mind is not getting drug sick (withdrawal) and securing their next high.  It becomes all that matters. This isn’t how life was meant to be lived.

A famous Albert Einstein quote that we have taken to heart is that insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results.  Our thought regarding this is, aren’t the revolving door 12 step based rehabs doing the same thing,.. the same way… ovr and over again… while expecting different results?  Could they be running their overly expensive rehabs fueled by insanity and greed?  People go in… come out… go back in… go back out… and on and on and on.  It’s a revolving door nightmare.  People cannot hold on to their ‘sobriety’.  Don’t you wonder why?  The answer isn’t rocket science… it’s simple logic coupled with fact.  They are being brainwashed into believing they have a disease – with no one telling them that the diagnosis of ‘disease’ is nothing more than a theory… a shot in the dark!  When the mind believes it will have relapses due to a disease, the addictive behavior will keep repeating and relapse becomes a reality and an excuse to use.  So, pounded into their psyche, is that their (fake) disease will continue to cause (fake) relapses and very real, frequent, expensive, demeaning and needless stays in very high priced rehabs.  Do you see something wrong with this? We do!

After the co-founder of this ministry suffered a near death and a psychotic break from an addiction that was physician caused (Iatrogenic Addiction), she realized that there is a way out of this darkness.  From day one of detox, she was bound and determined that her faith in Jesus Christ was going to pull her out and it did.  God restored her completely… and has completely healed her.  She has never used or wanted to use drugs again. That was back in 2007.  Dina has termed this type of addiction an Unintentional Addiction… a chemical rape, if you will, by a doctor they trusted.  Her husband, Bill, who is a pastor, works to educate family members on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of prescription drug addiction in their spouses and other loved ones.  You need to be vigilant about this as your doctor will NEVER tell you, as your addiction is a source of massive revenue for their practice.

Since 2007, Dina combined her knowledge as a nurse for almost 30 years, with new certifications in the field of addictions. She became knowledgeable in all aspects of addictions.  She and her husband, Bill, made the decision that now is the time to begin this unique rehabilitation retreat that God spoke about to them. And so, it has begun. The planning phase will soon turn to the building phase.  It takes a lot of hard work… board meetings… carefully made decisions… legalities… assessment of features… fund raising… financial planning… budgeting… etc. It’s a challenge; however, it’s one well worth taking.  This mission must be raised up.

Please visit us and read more about us at

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