TRUMP: Why Can’t We Look Into Vaccine Safety?


The vaccine meltdown is in full bloom after Donald Trump asked environmental attorney and vaccine skeptic, Robert Kennedy Jr., to head up a vaccine safety committee. But as per the usual, the Left is going overboard and being melodramatic.

1) Isn’t it sad that when we decide to question Pharmaceutical companies, we get nothing short of revolt? Sound familiar? It seems similar to those who chose not to accept Trump as President. It sounds like an indoctrinated group of people who can’t allow vaccine safety to be questioned.
2) Trump isn’t anti-vaccine. He is skeptical of vaccines given to children at such a young age, and believes there may be too many.
3) Trump has been a supporter of the autism community for at least a decade. He’s been engaged with those circles, and for years, parents of autistic children have been asking politicians to do a serious investigation into vaccine safety. There is an entire body of science that has been ignored. It’s time for someone to seriously look at it – instead of only marching to the mantra of “vaccines are safe and effective.” (Click to Article)

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